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Accessing small business funding shouldn’t be too complex or time-consuming.
That’s why OneBox Funding came up with a simple and easy way to get small business owners, with any credit score, an approval of up to $500,000 in matter of hours.

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Fill out our one-page application form, and we’ll make you a personally customized proposal for your business

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Once we agree on the best rates for your business, we will send you funds within 24 hours of signing the contract

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You can start utilizing the funds immediately, and begin achieving your business goals


We Fund More Businesses

Since the beginning of 2019, OneBox Funding has helped more businesses than ever before. We approach businesses with any level of credit and help them find the best financing solution for their needs

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The OneBox Angels

Funding Specialist

Sarah Foster

When Sarah joined our team in late 2016, we didn’t know that she would become one of our most accomplished specialists. With connections to almost every underwriter in the lending industry, she is surely one of our most precious assets! If Sarah is your funding manager, your approval chances just got a lot higher!

Paula abbott

Funding Specialist

Paula abbott

Paula has been with the OneBox Funding team since day one. She joined our team and became a lead funding specialist quickly. Paula is also a very talented writer and posts actively on our OneBox Funding Blog; be sure to check out her posts for some great advice on small business funding.

Funding Specialist

Katie Rice

Katie is the newest OneBox-Funding specialist. She brings with her a ton of previous funding experience, which placed her on our number one funding leader board for January 2019! She also has a go-getter attitude that can be felt from the very first conversation with her. Pro tip: “you can hear her smile over the phone, just ask!“

A Taste of Our Services

We provide top-quality solutions for your business

Business Line of Credit

Line of credit is one of our premium financial solutions. It’s there for situations when you need it most. If you have a credit score of 550 or higher, and earn more than $300K in yearly gross sales, you’ll probably qualify for a line of credit.


Short Term Loan

Short term loans are like traditional business loans. Generally, these loans provide a fixed payment over 1 to 5 years, and are normally backed by collateral. OneBox Funding will offer an interest rate and loan amount, depending mainly on your business revenues and credit score.


Merchant Cash Advance

Merchant Cash Advances are our top specialty. At OneBox funding, we understand the importance of having immediately accessible cash, and this is the fastest way to get it. Our expertly-trained crew will help you get the funding you need within a matter of days.