What Our Clients Say

Bryer Coffee Shop

Susan Bailey

“When I wanted to expand our small coffee shop outside of Boulder, I thought it would be impossible, as I didn’t have enough money to scale. It had only been a year since I’d opened, so I knew going back to the bank for another loan was out of the question. I needed a quick solution that I knew I would be able to pay back when I made the money. I contacted OneBox Funding and my loan was approved within four hours. It was life changing. I never know I’d be able to get funding this way, but one of my colleagues recommended and now I understand why.“

OneBox Funding

Danton Steel LLC

Garry Danton

“It didn’t take me long to apply for working capital through OneBox Funding. I filled out the application, and submitted it within 10 minutes. I knew that if I didn’t get some cash fast, I would be knee-deep in invoices. I didn’t have time to deal with the bank, and honestly i’m glad I didn’t. I did the entire transaction from the comfort of my own office, and I was offered more than what I was expecting- with really decent rates. I was also extremely happy with Onebox Funding’s fast and reliable service. Highly recommended.“

OneBox Funding
Businessman Working At Desk In Warehouse

CPM Apps

Mike Denver

“I had been working in interior design for quite a few years when an opportunity came up that I couldn’t pass up. This was the type of job I had to bid for, but I didn’t have the cash to buy all of the raw materials for the project. I began doing some online research, and had spoken with a few different loan companies, when I discovered OneBox Funding. They offered me the best rates by far, and made the entire process easy and quick. I will definitely be using their services in the future.“


What Are OneBox Funding Clients Saying?

We provide premium funding solutions and planning.

Awesome and fast customer support. I was new to the Merchant Cash Advance industry and needed a bit of assistance. OneBox Funding Angels were truly helpful and completely understood what I needed. They sent me a quick one-page application to fill out and I got the funds I needed in 3 business days! I not only recommend OneBox Funding, but will make sure to come back for more if ever needed!

Berney Greenstein
Greenstein Hollander & Co, March 2017

Joseph Mcdale
Furious Five Body Shop, January 2017

Let me just say this, If you think the company that will fund you the fastest is the way to go, you couldn’t be more wrong. OneBox Funding offers much more than just funding, they actually helped me construct an early payment plan and they renewed my business loan in less than 5 weeks! These guys are the best in the industry, guaranteed! Also a big shout out to Sarah Green who taught me a very important lesson about patience. She told me to wait an extra day, and in order to provide me with a better rate. Thanks Sarah!

I have experience with more than one business loan lender, and I’d just about had enough of the poor quality of service and awful interest rates.  It all changed when I started working introduced with Carine Baker from Onebox Funding. She walked me through every step, from application to receiving funds, and was there for me via phone, email and even text. 5 stars from me, OneBox!

Garry Danton
Danton Steel, July 2017

Gale Sanders
Sanders Flying Cookies, February 2017

Not much to say except: Great website, knowledgeable experts and excellent rates. If anyone is looking for a small business loan, I’d recommend starting with these guys.