About OneBox Funding

OneBox Funding prides itself on giving help to small businesses who cannot afford or do not qualify for government aid. When it seems a merchant has nowhere to turn, OneBox Funding has the solution.

Not only do we provide funding for merchants with both good and bad credit, but also a premium customer experience along the way.

Our funding experts will guide you through every step from first applying on our website through document collection and all the way up to a funded business checking account.

It begins with excellent customer support via email, phone, text, fax and more, and ends with finding the best rates out there for you. We believe that no matter what offer you may already have, we can beat it either by rate, terms of agreement or even the overall funding amount. We are there for you for anything you need and for every question you might have.

We invite you to apply and experience for yourself our angels and our top-of-the line funding rates.

Our Expertise

OneBox Funding specializes in funding businesses with good and bad credit. Apart from our in-house funding solution, we also provide $0 fee programs for qualified merchants. We can help with financing equipment, payroll, invoicing and much more.

We are the go-to place when it comes to business financing. We reach out to businesses with good and bad credit over the phone and on the web.

Once OneBox Funding and the merchant come to an agreement, we then begin implementing our financial plan together with the merchant.

When starting a business, a merchant needs working capital to get his company off the ground. Often times, however, a one-time cash influx is not enough, and a cash renewal is needed. Onebox Funding has an 86% renewal rate in 2019.


The OneBox Angels

OneBox Funding

Funding Specialist

Sarah Green

When Sarah joined our team in late 2016, we didn’t know that she would become one of our most accomplished specialists. With connections to almost every underwriter in the lending industry, she is surely one of our most precious assets! If Sarah is your funding manager, your approval chances just got a lot higher!

OneBox Funding

Funding Specialist

Carine Baker

Carine has been with the OneBox Funding team since day one. She joined our team and became a lead funding specialist quickly. Carine is also a very talented writer and posts actively on our OneBox Funding Blog; be sure to check out her posts for some great advice on small business funding.

OneBox Funding

Funding Specialist

Belle Denver

Belle is the newest OneBox-Funding specialist. She brings with her a ton of previous funding experience, which placed her on our number one funding leader board for June 2017! She also has a go-getter attitude that can be felt from the very first conversation with her. Pro tip: “you can hear her smile over the phone, just ask!“