Construction Loan ABC’s

September 27, 2017by Sarah Green0

Acquiring a construction loan for a business is indeed not an easy thing to do. So, this article aims to guide you throught the entire process, from looking for a lending company where you can apply for the loan to getting the money that you need for your construction project. We would be explaining everything to you in detail but first, let us explain what this kind of loan is.

What is a construction loan?

It is basically the amount of money lent to a company for the purpose of constructing a building, which would then be repaid at a given amount of time. This kind of business loan may cover the cost for acquiring the land, the supplies needed and the construction process itself. Hence, this is considered to be a big help for companies who plans to construct new buildings but lacks the funds to do so. Nevertheless, they would be required to prepare and submit documentation. Also, it may take a while for the bank or the financial institution to approve the loan for they need to consider a wide range of things like the profitability of the building that is about to be constructed. They may also look at the condition of the business’ market at present and in the future.

The process of getting a construction loan

First and foremost, you need to look for a bank or any financial institution that can offer you such loan. Then, you would be asked to fill out an application form that includes the projected cost for the project and submit the necessary documentation like your company’s tax returns, your current real estate holdings and the business plan for your construction project. They would then go over your application. In this process, they would look over different variables such as your credit score. This is the reason why you should avoid having a bad credit for having a bad credit can reduce the chance of your loan getting approved. They would also be considering the risk of the loan. Now, in case the loan looks good, then your initial application would be approved.

After that, the terms of the construction loan would then be drafted and it would be sent to you for reviewing. After you have read all the terms and for you, it looks good, then you can sign it. On the other hand, in case you do not agree with a term included in the contract, then you can negotiate it with the institution where you have applied for the loan. Once you have reached an agreement, then you can both sign the contract and that means that the terms of the contract starts to take effect.

You would then be provided with your needed funds as promised and you also need to repay it in accordance to the contract’s terms. You can then proceed with your construction project without worrying about the possibility of you not having enough funds. Just make sure that you choose your loan provider wisely.


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