When to Take your Break at Work

October 24, 2017by Sarah Green0

Many people are too busy at work to take breaks. The workload is overwhelming and you frequently feel stressed. Stress takes up a significant amount of cognitive and emotional bandwidth, which soon enough will result in lack of motivation. Your to-do list is always full of tasks and you often feel tired or drained of energy. The solution? Take a break.

Discover the reasons why you need to take breaks at work.

Small Mistakes

When you find work too much and you cannot avoid making small mistakes, it means its time for you take a break. You cannot avoid blunders from work.

When you feel burned out, mistakes are much easier to make.

When you are already burnt out of work, it is likely for you to slip up more than you would normally do. All employees can get caught into a moment that they feel they are no longer happy at their workplace. Restoring your energy is crucial, the best solution is taking a break.

Tired and Irritable

Do you wake up in the morning and by noon, you just feel like you need a nap? Unfortunately, most workplaces frown upon napping. Make sure to take a few short breaks at work to walk around, stretch out and get some fresh air. “Your calm mind is the ultimate weapon against your challenges. So relax.”
Said Bryant McGill

Lack of Focus

Do you often spend your time looking at your phone? Do you look at your screen and find yourself drifting off? One of the more common issues at work is being able to focus for many hours. Taking a break will clear your mind and allow you to regain your focus. Some studies have shown that the mind solves its stickiest problems while daydreaming. That’s because the relaxation associated with daydream mode “can allow the brain to hook up and return valuable insights

Lack of motivation

When you are not motivated to wake up in the morning to go to work, you will not be performing well. A motivated person tends to feel good and does well at work. Your motivation must be consistent. However, if your motivation has been low for a while and you are not living up to your full potential, you should consider taking a short vacation. Taking a break from work will guarantee you become more productive. Taking any sort of vacations is important once in a while.

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