Why Business Owners Need to Disconnect

April 18, 2019by Lilah Olsher0

“Time is money” is probably a phrase you’ve heard before, especially if you happen to be one of the hard-working people who start their own small business. Whether you wanted to work with something that you’re passionate about, or you just want to be your own boss and make your own hours, having your own business is something that you can be very proud of. However, it’s not all fun and games. In fact, it is an unimaginable amount of hard work to start your own company, which is why most business owners are losing sleep (especially during the first 6 months to a year).

So if time is money, that means that every minute you spend working on growing your empire is another dollar coming your way. This is true, to an extent, however, there is a peak and plateau that comes with working all hours of the day. It’s great to work hard and passionately in order to build the business of your dreams, and it’s even better to have goals for the future of it. But, working day in and day out for extended periods of time without a break is actually a recipe for disaster. Here are 3 big reasons to disconnect fully from your company from time to time.

1. Preventing Burnout

Burnout is one of the leading causes of failed new businesses, and it can happen if you are not taking enough breaks. When you first come up with an idea, you are full of passion, innovation, and excitement, and you are running on pure adrenaline to put your ideas into motion. Unfortunately, this burst of motivation does not last forever, and you’ll find it quickly leaves you once tedium and struggle (which are inevitable for any business) set in. Make sure to pace yourself and distribute your energy evenly by taking intermittent breaks from your work, so that you don’t burn out after a few months.

2. Having a Fresh Perspective

When you find yourself looking at the same problem for a long time, without a break, you begin to lose clarity and focus. However, if you were to take a step back and do something else for a while, most likely you’ll find that when you do return, you will be able to look at the situation in a different, refreshed way.

3. Appreciate Your Life Outside of Business

Focus on something other than your dream company? Absolutely. It’s so important to remember that there are always other aspects of your life, like your family and friends, your health, your hobbies, etc. To have a truly full life, you need to make sure that your business doesn’t take you away from the people you love.

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