3 Reasons Women Succeed As Entreprenuers

May 2, 2019by Lilah Olsher0

Ever since the feminist movement in the 1960’s, when women in American began to enter the workforce in droves, women have been climbing the corporate ladder and becoming more successful than ever before. Not only do they hold jobs that were, for many years, available only to men, but many have taken management and entrepreneurial roles.

Women in entrepreneurial and managerial roles often excel in their positions. While this may not be surprising, it is interesting to explore what makes women so successful at leading teams, company operations, and even entire businesses. Here are the three traits women often have which equips them with the tools for success in business.

1. They Are Excellent Multi-Taskers

Women are programmed to be able to multi-task and have been doing so for centuries. Years ago, women were often expected to keep the house, raise the children, and take care of her husband while he was at work. This family model is outdated, and often times, modern women take on all of these responsibilities while they are also employed. Being able to multi-task efficiently makes running a business, with its many different complexities and responsibilities, a bit more doable.

2. They Are Good Listeners

Women tend to be a more willing shoulder to cry on than men when the issue of discussing feelings comes up. But being a good moral support system isn’t the only benefit to being a good listener. Women in managerial roles tend to take other peoples’ thoughts and opinions into account, which helps keep employee spirits high. Not only that, but being a good listener also makes people connect more strongly with you, so this is a great skill to have when it comes to networking and creating great connections for better business opportunities. Also, it helps that they typically have their ears and eyes open to everything happening around them, leaving little room for missed opportunities or potential errors in business.

3. They Are Less Likely To Be Over-Confident

While this may not sound like a good thing at first, being a little less sure of yourself can actually help you a lot when running a business. Being in charge of a company means that you must always be growing and adapting to changes, whether they be in the market, in your customer base, or in demand. We aren’t saying to be constantly second guessing yourself, but if are aware of your own humanity, that is, the potential for error, you will be more likely to catch any mistakes or rethink certain ideas to be even more efficient.

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