Ways To Reduce Busy Work and Be More Productive PART II

June 13, 2019by Lilah Olsher0

When running your own company, there is never a shortage of work to do. However, even though the number of tasks seems to grow as you complete them, there are ways to stay organized and complete your work in the most efficient way possible. Here are three tips to work smarter, instead of harder, by eliminating the busy work and running your business in the most optimal and effective way.

1. Learn Which Tasks Are Necessary

Most business owners have more tasks at hand than they know what to do with. The unfortunate thing is, many of them keep on completing old tasks and habits that have become obsolete or unnecessary just because “that’s how they’ve always done them.” It’s a good idea to start keeping track of which tasks make you more productive and profitable, and which ones you could do without. You will start to see patterns after a few days or weeks, and you can begin eliminating tasks that are no longer serving you.

2. Cut Meetings Times

Unless you are working entirely by yourself, and you never have interactions with your clients, you will most likely have to conduct meetings here and there. Depending on the frequency of your meetings, it’s a good idea to try and keep them as efficient as possible by using the “short and sweet” method. Use your time wisely and efficiently by limiting face to face interactions to only the necessary issues. Anything else can simply be sent via email!

3. Take a Breather

Not doing work when you have mountains of it can seem counter-productive, but there comes a point where taking a total break from all of it is necessary to keep up productivity. Avoiding worker’s burnout and mental block is imperative to keeping your productivity flowing. And sometimes, this requires you to step back from your full schedule and do something else for a while. This will help your brain (and your body) recover to its full strength and mental capacity. Allowing for you to have a more productive time when you do return to work.

Although it’s important to work hard in your business, it’s more profitable and efficient to cut the unnecessary chaos, and be as productive as possible. Work smarter, not harder, with these tips, with more to come in the following Part III of our blog post covering Ways To Reduce Busy Work and Be More Productive.

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