Why Brand Marketing Is Essential To Running a Small Business

June 27, 2019by Lilah Olsher0

For any business, big or small, there are many important factors that go into it to make sure that it becomes successful. Your products and/or services must be of the highest quality. You’ll need great customer support to keep your consumers happy. And, you’ll need to make sure that your finances are always in order. However, something that might be even more important than these issues, is brand marketing. Even if you are running a tiny company that has only a few employees, marketing your brand well can mean the difference between barely getting off the ground and building an empire. Here are 3 reasons why brand marketing is absolutely vital to your small business.

1. It Makes You Recognizable

Almost anyone on this planet can tell you that the golden arches represent McDonald’s and the green mermaid is for Starbuck’s. If you don’t have a solid, attractive, and recognizable brand, you’ll find that customers will be quick to forget who you are. You need to make sure that your brand image is one that, eventually, people will see and immediately know who you are. Don’t be the random brand that people buy because it was convenient. Instead, be the recognizable brand that people buy because they know you.

You Will Earn More Money

Statistically, it’s shown that customers are willing to pay more for a brand that they know. Basically, having a strong brand will increase your value in the eye of the consumer, and they will feel perfectly fine spending an extra dollar or two to purchase their products and/or services from a brand they know and trust.

You Will Build Relationships With Your Customers

There’s something almost nostalgic about that McDonald’s Happy Meal you used to eat as a kid. Now, imagine your local burger joint sold the same cheeseburger, fries, soda, and even a toy. It does not have the same emotional bond that good old Ronald McDonald has on you. When customers bond with your brand, they feel emotionally connected and invested in your products. This makes them much more likely to stay loyal to your brand, instead of moving to others (even if they offer slightly better prices).

Creating a strong, recognizable brand is extremely important when it comes to creating and running a successful business. Make sure that you have all of the elements there when designing your brand, and make it a good one.

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