April 12, 2024

In the complex world of business finance, managing debt efficiently can significantly impact your company’s growth and stability. While exploring new funding options might seem like a path to financial relief, the strategy of refinancing existing loans with your current lender often presents a more advantageous route. This approach not only streamlines financial management but also strengthens your business’s financial health in the long run. Let’s delve into the benefits of refinancing with the same lender and the drawbacks of seeking new loans from different creditors.

The Advantages of Refinancing with Your Current Lender

  1. Simplified Debt Management: Refinancing your business loans with the lender you’re already working with consolidates your debts, reducing the complexity of managing multiple repayments, terms, and conditions. This simplification can save you time and administrative resources, allowing you to focus more on your business operations.
  2. Better Interest Rates: Your existing lender, familiar with your payment history and business performance, may offer more competitive interest rates for refinancing. This opportunity can result in lower monthly payments and reduced total debt cost over time, enhancing your cash flow and financial stability.
  3. Enhanced Cash Flow: By negotiating a refinanced loan with your current lender, you can potentially secure a longer repayment term. This adjustment spreads out your debt obligations over a more extended period, reducing monthly payments and improving your business’s cash flow, which is crucial for operational flexibility and growth investments.
  4. Stronger Lender Relationship: Maintaining and strengthening your relationship with a single lender through refinancing can lead to more personalized financial services. A lender that understands your business is more likely to offer tailored solutions, flexibility during financial hardships, and quicker access to additional funding when needed.
  5. Lower Fees and Costs: Refinancing can often be associated with various fees, but working with your existing lender might give you leverage to negotiate these costs down. Since your lender is interested in keeping your business, they may offer to waive certain fees or offer a more cost-effective refinancing package.

The Drawbacks of Seeking New Loans from Different Lenders

  1. 1. Increased Financial Complexity: Taking on new loans from different lenders adds to the complexity of your financial management. Juggling multiple accounts, terms, and payment schedules can strain your administrative resources and lead to potential mismanagement.
  2. 2. Higher Interest Rates and Fees: New lenders lack a relationship with your business and, consequently, may perceive you as a higher risk, often resulting in higher interest rates and additional fees. This increase in cost can significantly impact your financial health and long-term debt obligations.
  3. 3. Impact on Credit Score: Applying for new loans requires hard inquiries into your credit report, which can temporarily lower your credit score. Additionally, managing multiple new credit accounts can increase the risk of missed payments, further damaging your credit rating.
  4. 4. Loss of Negotiation Power: By spreading your debt across multiple lenders, you may dilute your negotiation power. A strong relationship with a single lender often provides leverage in negotiating terms or seeking relief during financial challenges.
  5. 5. Administrative Burden: Each lender has its own set of loan management tools, reporting requirements, and points of contact. Managing relationships and compliance with several lenders can become an administrative burden, diverting valuable time and resources away from your core business activities.

In conclusion, while seeking new funding avenues might seem like an attractive option for financial relief, the benefits of refinancing with your current lender are substantial. This strategic approach can simplify your debt management, improve cash flow, and foster a stronger partnership with your lender, ultimately supporting your business’s growth and financial health.


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January 9, 2024

Understanding the Debt-to-Income (DTI) ratio is vital in the realm of business financing. For entrepreneurs and business owners, a clear grasp of your DTI ratio can be a game-changer in securing the right loan. This article sheds light on the significance of DTI in the loan application process, particularly from the perspective of a loan brokerage like Onebox Funding, and how it influences your ability to secure favorable loan terms.

What is Debt-to-Income Ratio?

DTI is a crucial financial metric used by lenders, and assessed by lenders and brokerages like Onebox Funding, to gauge a business’s ability to manage existing debt and take on new loans. It’s calculated by dividing your monthly debt payments by your gross monthly income. A lower DTI suggests a healthier balance between debt and income.

The Role of DTI in Business Loan Brokering

  1. Assessing Loan Suitability: As brokers, we use DTI to match you with lenders who are more likely to approve your loan application.
  2. Enhancing Loan Approval Odds: Maintaining a DTI ratio within acceptable limits enhances your attractiveness to potential lenders.
  3. Negotiating Better Terms: A favorable DTI can be leveraged to negotiate more advantageous loan terms on your behalf.

How to Calculate and Improve Your Business’s DTI

Calculating your DTI involves totaling your monthly debt obligations and dividing this by your gross monthly income. Improving your DTI can be achieved by reducing debts, increasing income, or restructuring existing debts.


Your DTI ratio plays a pivotal role in the business loan brokering process. Understanding and optimizing your DTI ratio opens up better loan opportunities. As a brokerage, Onebox Funding focuses on evaluating your DTI to connect you with the best lending options suited to your business’s financial health.


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December 18, 2023

The holiday season presents a unique challenge and opportunity for businesses. It’s a bustling time filled with potential for growth and customer engagement, but it also demands strategic agility and foresight. Onebox Funding, with its keen understanding of business dynamics, offers insights on how to navigate this crucial period effectively. In this article, we’ll share key strategies, underpinned by Onebox Funding’s expertise, to help your business excel during the festive rush.

Understanding the Holiday Consumer Mindset

Success during the holidays starts with grasping the consumer mindset. Shoppers are often pressed for time, hunting for deals, and prone to impulse buying. They’re also more receptive to holiday-themed promotions. Onebox Funding recommends tailoring your approach to these behaviors for a significant uptick in sales and customer satisfaction.

Essential Tips for Holiday Business Success

1. Plan Inventory and Staffing Proactively

Effective forecasting, a principle advocated by Onebox Funding, is vital. Review past sales data to anticipate product demand. Keep your inventory well-stocked and consider augmenting your team with temporary staff to manage the seasonal workload. This foresight in staffing and inventory management not only enhances customer service but also alleviates stress on your regular employees.

2. Cultivate a Festive Shopping Environment

Transform your physical or online presence with holiday themes. As Onebox Funding observes, this isn’t just about looks – it’s about forging an emotional connection with your clientele. A festive ambiance can elevate the shopping experience, encouraging customers to linger and spend more.

3. Maximize Digital Marketing Efforts

Onebox Funding emphasizes the power of digital marketing during the holidays. Utilize social media and email campaigns to highlight your holiday specials. Craft engaging, festive content that stands out in the flurry of holiday promotions.

4. Prioritize Outstanding Customer Service

The holiday rush can be a pressure cooker for shoppers. Providing excellent customer service, a cornerstone of Onebox Funding’s philosophy, can distinguish your business. Equip your staff to manage high-pressure situations with grace and efficiency. Consider extending business hours or offering online support for added customer convenience.

5. Implement Smart Promotional Strategies

Enticing promotions and discounts can lure in more customers, a tactic often endorsed by Onebox Funding for its effectiveness. Plan these promotions carefully to balance customer attraction with profit margins. Flash sales, loyalty programs, or bundle deals can be particularly effective.

6. Ensure a Smooth Checkout Experience

A seamless checkout process is crucial, especially during the holiday rush. Onebox Funding advises ensuring that your payment systems are robust and offering multiple payment options. For online businesses, a straightforward checkout process is key to minimizing cart abandonment.

7. Plan for Post-Holiday Operations

Post-holiday activities such as returns, exchanges, and sales should be planned in advance. A clear and fair return policy is essential for building customer trust and loyalty, as recommended by Onebox Funding.


Navigating the holiday season requires more than just reacting to increased demand; it calls for strategic planning and customer-centric approaches. your business can not only survive but thrive during this festive season. It’s an ideal time for boosting sales and, more importantly, for cultivating lasting customer relationships. Leverage these strategies and insights for an effective and prosperous holiday season. With Onebox Funding’s guidance, your business is well-equipped to navigate the festive challenges and opportunities, ensuring both immediate success and long-term growth.


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November 17, 2023



In the world of business financing, transparency and trust are the cornerstones of a successful partnership. At Onebox Funding, we understand that securing a business loan or a cash advance is a significant step for entrepreneurs, and we’re committed to making the process seamless and worry-free. One key aspect of our funding process that often raises questions is bank verification. In this article, we’ll delve into the importance of bank verification, assuaging any concerns you may have and shedding light on the crucial role it plays in ensuring a robust and secure funding experience.


Why Bank Verification Matters?

Bank verification is a critical step in the funding process, serving two primary purposes: validating the accuracy of the financial information provided by the client and ensuring the integrity of the financial landscape. Let’s explore these aspects in detail.

  • Ensuring Accuracy in Financial Statements:

One of the main reasons we incorporate bank verification is to validate the financial statements provided during the underwriting process. This verification step helps confirm the accuracy of the information supplied, giving both Onebox Funding and the client confidence in the financial data being used to assess eligibility. This meticulous process safeguards against unintentional errors, promoting a more accurate representation of the business’s financial health.

  • Preventing Overlapping Funding:

In the dynamic world of business finance, it’s crucial to prevent any overlapping funding that could potentially strain a business’s financial stability. Bank verification allows us to ensure that no other funding has been acquired in the current month, providing a comprehensive picture of the client’s financial commitments. This, in turn, aids in responsible lending practices, safeguarding the financial well-being of the business seeking funding.


Potential Concerns:

We understand that sharing sensitive financial information can be a cause for concern. However, rest assured that Onebox Funding prioritizes the security and privacy of your data. We partner with trusted third-party verification companies like Plaid and Decision Logic, ensuring a secure and seamless process. These industry leaders specialize in bank verification services, employing robust security measures to protect your information.


Key Benefits of Bank Verification with Onebox Funding:

  • Streamlined Process: Bank verification enhances the efficiency of the funding process, reducing the time it takes to approve and disburse funds.
  • Enhanced Trust: By incorporating bank verification, Onebox Funding demonstrates its commitment to transparency, fostering trust between us and our clients.
  • Secure Technology: Our partnership with leading verification companies such as DecisionLogic and Plaid ensures the use of cutting-edge, secure technology to protect your sensitive financial data.



At Onebox Funding, we view bank verification as a tool to empower businesses on their financial journey. By ensuring the accuracy of financial statements and preventing overlapping funding, we pave the way for a transparent, efficient, and secure funding process. Your financial well-being is our priority, and bank verification is a crucial step in building a foundation of trust between us and our clients. Partner with Onebox Funding, and let’s navigate the path to financial success together

December 6, 2022

The holiday season is a crucial time for businesses, as it can make or break their annual revenue. As a business owner, it’s important to prepare your business for the influx of customers and increased demand. One way to do this is by using a company like Onebox Funding to secure the necessary financing to stock up on inventory and hire additional staff.

Here are 4 key points to help you prepare your business for the holiday season:

  1. Plan ahead

The holiday season is a busy time for businesses, so it’s important to plan ahead. This means forecasting your sales, ordering inventory in advance, and making sure you have enough staff on hand to handle the increased demand. By planning ahead, you can ensure that you’re ready for whatever the holiday season throws your way.

  1. Offer promotions and discounts

Consumers are looking for deals during the holiday season, so it’s a good idea to offer promotions and discounts to entice them to buy from your business. This could be a percentage off their purchase, free shipping, or a buy-one-get-one-free offer. Whatever you choose, be sure to promote it heavily so that customers are aware of the savings they can get by shopping with your business.

  1. Create a festive atmosphere

The holiday season is a time for celebration, and customers will be looking for businesses that are in the holiday spirit. Make sure to decorate your storefront and interior to create a festive atmosphere that will put customers in the holiday mood. This could include hanging holiday lights, setting out seasonal decorations, and playing holiday music.

  1. Be prepared for shipping delays

The holiday season is a busy time for shipping companies, which can lead to delays in delivery. Make sure to inform your customers of potential shipping delays and offer options like in-store pickup or expedited shipping for an additional fee. By being prepared for shipping delays, you can ensure that your customers receive their orders on time and avoid any frustration or disappointment.

By following these key points and using a company like Onebox Funding to secure the necessary financing, you can successfully prepare your business for the holiday season. This will help you capitalize on the increased demand and ensure that your business has a successful and profitable holiday season.

December 6, 2022

Small businesses are the backbone of the American economy, providing jobs and driving innovation. However, running a small business can be challenging, and one of the biggest obstacles is access to financing. This is where small business loans come in.

OneBox Funding is a leading provider of small business loans. We understand the unique challenges that small businesses face, and we offer a range of loan options to help them grow and thrive.

One of the biggest advantages of small business loans is that they provide the capital that businesses need to invest in their operations. This can include purchasing equipment, hiring new employees, or expanding into new markets. With a small business loan, small businesses can access the funds they need to take their operations to the next level.

Another benefit of small business loans is that they can be tailored to meet the specific needs of the borrower. This means that businesses can choose the loan terms that best fit their financial situation and growth plans. At OneBox Funding, we offer flexible repayment terms and competitive interest rates to help small businesses succeed.

OneBox Funding is committed to supporting small businesses. Our team of experienced lending professionals is dedicated to helping businesses find the right loan for their needs. We offer personalized service and quick turnaround times, so businesses can get the funds they need quickly and easily.

If you are a small business owner looking for financing, consider a small business loan from OneBox Funding. We are here to help your business grow and succeed. Contact us today to learn more about our loan options and to get started.

October 16, 2017

Every small business owner ran into financial issues at one point or another. Financial difficulties can come in many ways and forms. From those first few “lean” years where the money’s going out faster than it’s coming in. To times when expansion is looming on the not so distant horizon, with unexpected expenses crawling up everywhere, the company checking account is empty and the credit cards are maxed out.

Naturally, There are many more situations when cash flow is crucial for a small business’s success. It goes without saying that the traditional banks are just not an option for many of the 28 million small businesses operating in the US currently. In fact, there has been a steady decline in bank loan approvals for small businesses over the last three years, and several private lenders are reporting to follow suit in light of economic uncertainty and increasing regulatory expenses.



One unique option for getting the cash flow you need for your business is OneBox Funding. Operating from Tampa FL they offer something a bit different from big banks. Different in that it offers small business owners the ability to get Superfast cashflow, enabling them to get out of cash-strapped situations in a hurry, with a fast and easy approval process for strong businesses that meet their less stringent criteria over that of the bank’s. Keep in mind that they can not approve everyone, but if you have a small business that is not under bankruptcy and is grossing over $8,000 a month, OneBox is likely just the solution you’ve been looking for.

What are The Benefits with OneBox Funding?

OneBox Funding offers several benefits:

  • Any funding amount between $5,000 to $750,000 for eligible businesses, with good or bad credit.
  • Single page online application form.
  • Funds released as soon as next day funding
  • Top of the line quality offers for rates and terms
  • Expert level customer service throughout the entire funding process.
  • Bad credit merchants accepted.

OneBox’s funds are acquired through a network of business-minded angels who recognize that there are lots of stable, growing businesses out there that simply are not eligible for business bank loans or government grants. Often bad credit scores and businesses entrenched in volatile markets pose too much of a risk to conventional financial institutions, and they aren’t willing to risk losing their money.

OneBox Services Offered to Small Business Owners

  • Merchant Cash Advance: This is the preferred option for most small and medium-sized, cash-stressed businesses, good or bad credit accepted. OneBox staff are trained to get you approved for this service quickly and efficiently, so you can get your cash woes settled quick and continue to grow your business.
  • Short Term Loan: This is no different from a small business loan you’d get from a bank. Credit can be a factor when determining interest rates and loan terms, but businesses that are currently generating revenues and have enough collateral to back the loan will definitely benefit from this service.
  • Business Line of Credit: A premium level financial service, you must have a credit score of 550 and $300,000 or more in yearly revenues to qualify. Not everyone will be eligible, but the OneBox reps will definitely work diligently to find a lending solution that works for your business.
  • Debt Consolidation Service: Another premium product, business owners can pay off multiple loans and other financial liabilities by combining them into a larger debt; normally with lower rates and monthly payments if they qualify.

As mentioned, the Merchant Cash advance service is one of the easiest to get approved for, and often most desirable for growing small businesses who find themselves in a temporary cash crisis.


Fast & Flexible Funding Solutions

Since early 2017, OneBox has funded well over 1,000 small businesses. Of the typical loan applications submitted, the company has a loan approval rating of 79% currently, with a funding renewal rate currently at 86% and growing.

With a head office located centrally in Florida, North American businesses can be assured the company’s team of funding angels are available during business hours to approve funding requests and provide support whenever needed.

The testimonials located on the homepage make it clear the team isn’t just there to sell financial funding products, but also to make sure you get the best rates and terms possible, even if it delays approval by a day or two.

Interested in Letting OneBox Fund Your Business?

You can contact them right now for more information here, or if you’re interested in applying via the web, you can download the PDF application and submit via the email and fax information supplied at the bottom of the form.



October 10, 2017

Whenever a person is out of cash or needs money for a business, applying for a loan is the best solution. When you are qualified for taking a loan, you will instantly receive the money you have borrowed from the lender. On the other hand, having bad credit is a drawback for people who would like to acquire a loan. Since some lenders will look into the credit history, having a bad record may not allow you to apply for business loans or any type of loan.

Debt consolidation loan is becoming the answer for those people who would like to merge all their debts into a single loan, to minimize the expenses on a monthly basis. This loan is a big help for those individuals who have several debts to pay, as they will be able to combine and replace existing debt in a single loan without risking too much of their money.

What is a Debt Consolidation Loan?

Debt consolidation is a process wherein a person will avail one loan which will be used to pay two or more debts. With this loan, individuals can pay their several loans with only one monthly payment, since all the debts are combined into one. A debt consolidation loan can also be good for people with bad credit, since they can pay their debts using the loan and will only have to pay once every month with a fixed interest rate.

Furthermore, if you are someone who would like to acquire a debt consolidation loan but does not know how, here are the things you need consider when applying for this loan.

  • Check your earnings – this is one of the requirements that a lender will look into before he or she approves your debt consolidation loan. The creditor will check if you are capable of paying the loan. Your earnings can be the basis for whether you can apply for loan consolidation or not.
  • Records for payment – a creditor will also look into your records when it comes to paying debts, in order to identify if you have bad credit or not. This is another requirement that you should comply with when you are applying for a debt consolidation loan, as the creditor will look into your records to understand the way you pay.
  • Steadiness – another requirement needed when you are applying for a debt consolidation loan. The creditor will see if you have stability when it comes to your home and work.

When you apply for a debt consolidation loan, you always have to consider the requirements to avoid problems and have the loan be processed smoothly. Bad credit may cause setback when applying for a loan however, if you work within the demands and requirements of the loan, you may be able to get it in no time. OneBox Funding experts will guide you through all the steps of acquiring a debt consolidation loan.

September 18, 2017

A Quick Guide to Building Your Credit Score

You probably were not thinking about the possibility of applying for a loan in your bank, hence you did not pay enough attention to improving your credit score. But when a time comes when you would like to start a new business, you will need business loans.

Here, you will be concerned about getting approved but if you do not have an ideal credit score, you might not be able to apply for any loan. Fortunately, there are a lot of ways to improve it at the right time. Here are some:

Ask increase in the limit of your credit

A great and easy to way to increase your credit score is requesting an increase to your credit limit. When you are already a regular customer with an ideal credit history, chances are it will not be long until your request gets approved by the card issuer.

If you are looking to renew from a new credit company, be sure that the new credit offers a great credit limit even for first-time clients. When applying for your new card, it is common to be questioned about previous credit history which can be a blow to your score but not bad enough.

Pay off a chunk of your existing balance

Having a credit card balance should not worry you too much, although it would cost you more in interest payments it can also boost up your credit usage ratio in a very good way. Pay at least even a portion of your existing balance can prove to be a good way to increase credit score.

It is important to find ways to earn an extra profit to keep chipping at your current balance. Doing this is key to decreasing your credit utilization rate to a minimum while increasing your credit score quickly.

Be an authorized user on another person’s card

Getting someone you are friends or family with to authorize you as a user in the use of their existing credit account is a fine option for those not looking to open a new credit card. This can prove beneficial to you in a variety of ways. A good example would be if your friend is the primary cardholder is a regular bills payer, all of their on-time payments can make your record be sky rocket.

In addition to that, your current limit would be added to the other person’s credit limit doubling the rate at which your credit usage ratio would decrease. It is important to note that building credit limit takes a long time but these maneuvers can help boost your score rapidly.

Correct credit report errors

A credit report error could become your respectable scores’ worst nightmare. Spotting an immediate error on your credit reports must be noted and corrected quickly helping you boost your record talk about killing two bird with a stone. Recent studies suggest that 20% of clients that take action with their credit report errors have their scores increased as an effect.