Customer Support

April 15, 2019

No matter what type of company you have, whether it’s a small bakery or a huge wholesale factory, the end goal of every business owner is to make a sale. When a customer is moved to make a purchase, the company gains revenue and the customer receives a good or a service, it’s that simple. However, the more successful companies, i.e. the ones which are making the most sales, seem to focus not only on the end goal of purchase or conversion but on the entire the customer journey itself.

Understanding your customer’s experience as they go through the journey of making a purchase is vital to running a successful business. At the end of the day, the customers are the ones paying for your services, so it’s important to make sure that they are feeling satisfied in every possible way.

To truly understand your customers’ journey, it’s a good idea for business owners to go through the process themselves; in other words, to put themselves in their own customers’ shoes. Do you run an online business? If so, how does your website look? You must make sure that your online shop is perfectly suited for a comfortable customer experience. Users must not feel intimidated but a complicated interface, bombarded by sales pitches, ads, and fluff information, or lost trying to navigate through many confusing landing pages.

Another important piece of the customer journey actually happens after the purchase. While there are some businesses that don’t need to worry about their users once they make a purchase, for most, this is not the case. For one thing, the user’s experience after purchase is extremely important for businesses that have repeat customers. If the consumer feels that they’ve received good value for their money, they will surely come back for more. However, even if your particular business is for a one-time purchase, for problems that arise afterward (i.e. broken product, payment issues, needing assistance, etc.), businesses must be easily accessible to help out.

For smaller businesses, word of mouth is one of the biggest ways to get your name out there. If your customers are used to a satisfying experience, every time, they will surely spread the word to friends and family looking for similar services. However, if your customers feel they are not appreciated or taken care of, they will most likely recommend to others that they go somewhere else, despite the quality of your product or service. Customers have even been known to take a slight reduction in quality for a fuller, more satisfying user experience.

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